Delivery costs 

Delivery costs of the items purchased at the store for Customers from European Union (EU) countries 

The cost depends on the place of delivery and the total weight of the items ordered. The cost of preparing the shipment along with the cost of materials needed for this purpose are both included in the price. The entire order is sent in one shipment and the Customer is charged with delivery costs only once. 

The prices listed below are gross prices. 

Example of delivery costs for EU countries: 

package up to 10 kg - 19,00 € 

Example of delivery costs to Switzerland: 

package up to 5 kg - 33.00 € 

package up to 10 kg - 48.00 € 

Example of delivery costs to other European countries: 

package up to 10 kg - 29.00 € 

Delivery costs to countries from other continents should be determined individually before placing an order, hence the Customer is obliged to contact Customer Service. 


Shipment of large-size furniture and toys. 

In order to determine the delivery costs and conditions, please contact our Customer Service. 


Delivery time 

Please read the information on what happens when you place an order at the store. 

In the case of payment by bank transfer or online payment, we prepare and send the shipment immediately after posting the money on our account. Shipments are delivered by courier companies - delivery time depends on the carrier, type of shipment and recipient's address. It usually takes up to 4 business days. 


In case of an on-line bank transfer, the delivery time is extended by the time needed for your payment to be transferred to our account.